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by Fred Haslam
Last Updated: 2005-07-29
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General Questions 1) I need a Password, but it has not Arrived yet. 2) I Used to Play, but Can't play now 3) The Game Screen is Gray or just a little Red X. 4) It keeps saying 'Server Not Responding', what do I do? Portal, DC2, and StarDart 5) It keeps saying 'Session Has Expired', what do I do? DC1 Specific Question 6) In DC1 it says 'A New Hero Arises ... ', what do I do? 7) In DC1 it says 'Record Corrupted', what do I do? 8) It keeps saying 'Error: LDH=Invalid Session ID', what do I do? Other Possible Fixes / Issues 10) How do I Clear my Cache? 11) How do I install a new JVM? 12)What if I use a different browser? 13)What is a Spybot and how do I get rid of it? 14)Is there a way I can help to fix problems? Contacting Site Support 15)Nothing Works, how do I contact Site Support?